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What is a Dental Technician?

A Dental Technician makes dental devices including dentures, crowns and bridges and orthodontic appliances to prescription from a Dentist and dentures to prescription from a Clinical Dental Technician (CDT).

Dental Technicians:

  • review cases coming into the laboratory to decide how they should be progressed
  • work with the Dentist or CDT on treatment planning and outline design
  • design, plan and manufacture a range of custom-made dental devices according to a prescription
  • repair and modify dental devices
  • undertake shade taking
  • carry out infection control procedures to prevent physical, chemical and microbiological contamination in the laboratory
  • keep full and accurate laboratory records
  • verify and take responsibility for the quality and safety of devices leaving a laboratory
  • make appropriate referrals to other healthcare professionals

Dental Technicians DO NOT:

  • work independently in the clinic
  • perform clinical procedures related to providing removable dental appliances or dentures
  • undertake independent clinical examinations
  • identify abnormal oral mucosa and related underlying structures


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