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Peter Cullen passed away on 14th November 2013
Our new Membership Application Form 2014 is now available to download and print. We are offering FREE MEMBERSHIP until 30th April 2014.
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Illegal Dentistry in Ireland - Consumers' Association of Ireland investigation finds unregistered and unregulated providers inappropriately treating denture patients
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This website is designed for the benefit of the public and for all members of the dental profession. Patients are now able to have a look at the laboratory side of dentistry and hopefully gain more insight into laboratory manufactured products. Our members commit themselves to the dental profession by being a member of this association. In this exciting and fast changing world of new products and techniques, our members are encouraged to attend continual professional development courses held in this country and abroad.

Ultimately it is the patient who benefits from high standards of workmanship and choices from a vast range of custom made laboratory products.

In the Republic of Ireland all dental laboratories are legally obliged to be registered with The Irish Medicines Board. We are continually audited to ensure legislation compliance including safe working practices and all products are manufactured using products which are traceable.

Our members are encouraged to produce a 'Certificate of Conformance' to be given to the patient by their Dentist when they have a dental appliance fitted. This is primarily to show the patient who the manufacturer is and that what they have been given is manufactured under the strict relevant legislation. Patients may also wish to contact the laboratory directly for any queries. You can see the list of members in the 'Members database' and who is registered with the Irish Medicines Board. 

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